Terms and Conditions


The following Terms of Service (ToS) and Acceptable Use Policy (A.U.P.) will govern all accounts, services, and amenities provided by, or through www.pc-streaming.com

Latest Policies Revision Date: Saturday August 30, 2011

The following countries will not be provided any services at any time from PC-Streaming: Nigeria, Ghana, or Ivory Coast. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Should you try and be sneaky and order through a proxy, your order will be automatically rejected and funds returned. We do check ip addresses and host names before we issue new accounts. We will notice a proxy server very easily.

The services provided by PC-Streaming come without warranty. Parts of the service, or all of the service, may be unavailable for periods of time both announced and unannounced, defined and undefined. We strive very hard to keep all services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but sometimes things get in the way and we may have to disable a service until we are able to rectify the situation.

User accounts and server security come above uptime. If we feel for any reason that we need to purposely disable a service, a server, or a users account, we will do so without hesitation. The security & integrity of our networks is our number one priority. Should we see that a client is abusing his account in any way, whether it be by account sharing, hacking, spamming, defrauding, or any other illegal and/or abusive way, we will suspend or terminate that users account at our sole discretion and will notify that user via the email address we have on file as to why their account was disabled or terminated.

We do not back up, store, keep, or distribute information or files for clients that wish to have hosting accounts through us. We provide you with the appropriate tools to make your own back ups. PC-Streaming is not responsible for user data contained in website hosting packages. It does not serve our purposes to have your data backed up in our files as we are a privacy organization and as such, we do not have a need for your information, site material, or files. Site back ups are done solely at your discretion. From time to time,  PC-Streaming administration will look at the public sites we are hosting to ensure that illegal activity is not being performed on our servers. Should we find illegal activity being hosted, we will notify that client via email pertaining to the illegal activity or files. Once notice is given, there is a 24 hour time limit for the client to respond and remove said material. If our warning is ignored, that users account will be immediately suspended until he/she comes into compliance with our security procedures.

PC-Streaming believes in freedom of speech; however, any content (written, visual, or implied) in the following areas will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate suspension of service: racism or prejudice due to color, creed, or belief; any violent, malicious, obscene content written, visual or implied. We will not tolerate any type of hate site including terrorist related websites on our network. If we receive notice that there is such a hate site hosted within our network, the client hosting the material will be notified immediately. They are required to remove the content within a certain time frame and if not, will face account suspension and/or termination.

PC-Streaming does not tolerate, endorse, or condone hacking, fraud, harassment, terroristic threats, denial of service attacks, or any other illegal or disruptive acts. Violators of this policy will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. This is not tolerated on any of our networks in any of the countries we have networks in.

If you are planning on using our services to shield yourself while engaging in illegal activity, PC-Streaming will not protect you.

Bit Torrent & Other P2P Traffic

PC-Streaming is not a traffic cop nor are we paid by any agency, motion picture company, copyrights office, or any other organization with an interest in copyrighted material. However, we do have our own personal preferences towards this type of traffic on our networks. As of this writing, all P2P traffic in the following jurisdictions are prohibited: United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany., Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, & Czech Republic. Acceptable countries for P2P traffic: Luxembourg. As stated above, we are not traffic cops but we can easily tell if your using P2P applications just by looking at packet flow. If your generating billions of packets per hour, we know your using P2P applications as that is the only system capable of generating that much traffic. We will no longer allow P2P file sharers to steal bandwidth from all clients in those countries. First time violators will receive a 24 hour account suspension. Second time violators will have their accounts revoked. We are not playing around with this policy.

Viruses & Basic Computer Security:

It is the personal responsibility of every internet and computer user to provide basic protection for their computer. This includes a firewall, a virus scanner, and a malware scanner. Clients who are connected to a PC-Streaming Network are expected to meet these basic requirements. As such, if a PC-Streaming client becomes infected with a virus of any kind, PC-Streaming.com reserves the right to suspend that client indefinately until the following has been completed: A.) the situation has been rectified by the installation of a virus scanning utility, a basic firewall, and a malware scanner; and B.) screenshots are submitted to PC-Streaming Administration showing the results of the latest scan; and C.) the scanning utilities report a clean bill of health.

Account Sharing Policy

Sharing your account or services provided to you by PC-Streaming.com is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to pass your account information, software provided and/or produced by PC-Streaming.com to any third party (i.e. friend, neighbour, relative, and/or co-worker). Users that violate this policy will have their user credentials suspended. First time policy abusers will be suspended for a period no less than 72 hours. Second time policy abusers will have their account revoked.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple: you have a 48 hour grace period after your order is issued to you and declared “issued” or “delivered” to request a full refund. Once the 48 hour grace period is finished, no requests for refunds will be accepted. 

Acceptable Use Policy

PC-Streaming does not limit bandwidth on any of our accounts except website hosting which is determined by the client at the time of ordering. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) accounts or our Secure Shell (SSH) accounts do not have bandwidth limits or restrictions placed on them. We expect our clients to show self constraint and consideration of others when using their accounts. Those clients that wish to be bandwidth hogs will be warned twice via email before we take action. A third warning will institute a 24 hour account suspension for continued bandwidth and server resource hogging. We strive for an equal bandwidth appropriation for all users on all accounts.